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We want to offer you a simple rate structure while passing savings on to you. Your cost to accept credit cards and signature debit cards will be the cost from the card-issuer plus a small amount to cover the costs involved to process those transactions. That small amount is listed on the Merchant Services Agreement as 00.679% which is just under $0.34 for a $50.00 sale.

  • No application Fee
  • No programming Fee
  • No separate customer service fee
  • No separate statement fee

Merchant Processing Application and Agreement

Program Guide

Getting Started

Please take the time to complete the Merchant Processing Application and Agreement below and fax it to us at (914) 276-3733 or scan-to-email to This is important, when we have this information, we can begin to customize a solution for you and your business. This application will be submitted for approval. You cannot accept credit cards unless you have been approved.

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