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Too many products to list here! Below are just a few of the hunders of terminal that we offer. Click on a thumbnail image for more information.

Clover™ Station

Clover™ Station is a next-generation control system that radically simplifies your business. It helps you track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight to build stronger, lasting customer relationships, and accept payments with ease.

FD130 Terminal

The FD130 Terminal from First Data is an affordable solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in compact, feature-rich devices. The best part is the FD130 Terminal is ready for EMV technology, the new industry standard in security. The FD130 uses cutting-edge technology to enable you to accept transactions when a customer presents you with an EMV card; a card embedded with a special chip that adds an important layer of security. In addition to the added security, the FD130 Terminal gives you full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks and EBT.

FD-35 PIN Pad
FD35 PIN Pad

FD35 PIN pad accept PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, contactless payments and gift cards. Plus, you’ll now be able to accept EMV chip card presented to you by your customers.

FD55 Terminal

The First Data™ FD55 terminal is an economical point-of-sale terminal that enables merchants to accept virtually every payment option—PIN-secured and signature debit, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club International® and JCB®, plus First Data gift and loyalty cards.

First Data Retail Solution
First Data Retail Solution

First Data’s Newly Redesigned FD POS Retail Solution provides: Cash Register Express Software by pcAmerica, Posiflex Hardware, and First Data’s payment processing platform. Combined to provide our merchants with the BEST in class POS solution for the Retail Marketplace.

First Data POS Value Exchange Restaurant Solution 
First Data POS Value ExchangeTM Restaurant Solution  

The First Data® POS Value ExchangeTM Restaurant Solution consists of three restaurant-designed components: A Posiflex computer at the point-of-sale powered by an Intel® processor, A software package leveraging Dinerware technology, and A First Data payments processing system that supports Credit and Gift Card transactions. You can easily use the intuitive POSVx software to quickly implement your menu, train staff, and get yourself up and running smoothly. 

iDynamo card reader 
iDynamo card reader

Merchants can now use their mobile devices to make secure, card present transactions, anytime and anywhere without the worries of storing sensitive card data at any time.  

FD400ti Wireless terminal
FD400Ti Wireless Terminal

The terminal is a wireless, hand-held point-of-sale devices that merchants can easily use remotely to provide customers with the convenience of a full range of payment options. You'll have access to wireless downloads wherever you are. And with the touch-screen interface, it is an easy product to train on and use. Plus, with the “store-and-forward” capability, you can ensure card-present rates when there is no signal at the time of the transaction.

AprivaPay Plus

Turn your iPhone or Android into an affordable, secure point of sale. Imagine the peace of mind that you’ll have it you always have your backup with you. You could even use it for special events away from your business such as a festival or a client’s home. If your business looses power, phone, or internet, you can still process credit card transactions and even cash. Use the barcode scanner and inventory features to quickly ring up sales.  

ShopKeep® POS

Complete POS for serious businesses. Ringing up sales is just the beginning. Use the ShopKeep POS system to streamline your inventory management, keep track of employee hours, and understand exactly what you need to do to successfully run and grow your business. ShopKeep merchants have used ShopKeep POS to help them reorganize merchandise, increase sales, and open more stores. What will you use it for?


Call us to discuss which product is best for your business. If you own equipment, we'll be able to simply reprogram it if the equipment is still compliant. We have the solutions to process the cards your customers carry; Credit cards, EMV chip & PIN, Signature debit, PIN debit, Gift cards, Fleet cards, EBT cards, Purchasing cards, and Pre-Paid cards.

Need everything to accept virtually every credit card option, checks, and gift cards? Check out our Payment Essentials Product Bundle Solution.

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